Dynamic Entrepreneurial Vision

As is typical of my corporate clients, they are dynamic and each one is unique.  Whether it is adjustment and execution of their business plans or reinvigorated entrepreneurial visions.  My clients are either carrying on strong or reimagining themselves in new and even better ways!  Thank you to our active clients as Kiski Law prepares to celebrate its 5th Anniversary!  For those clients who have been quiet, as sometimes happens, I hope you are well and are continuing on your paths to success in your respective industries!  We are here for you when and if you need us!

Publication of Jackie’s Novel, Shot at Dawn

During the final year of Jackie Kessel’s life, she wrote an amazing novel. It is now available for purchase as a Kindle book through Amazon, thanks to her loving husband, Rolf!


My review of the book follows – I hope that you will enjoy her story, as she was truly a great story teller each and every day!

Jackie Kessel was an accomplished and trusted legal advisor in the Silicon Valley, in addition to being a loving wife and mother, a former member of the Royal Ballet and a much sought-after fashion model in London.  Her ability to personally connect and engage with her clients was impressive – she was truly unique and is always remembered with a smile for her sincere interest in each client, both on a personal and business level, as well as for her consummate professionalism and pragmatism.  SHOT AT DAWN, Jackie’s first and sole fictional work, is an explicit and engaging story of young lives and loves intertwined during the First World War, the tragic events and impact of which fascinated her.  Jackie’s love of story telling and romance are brilliantly and realistically incorporated into the somber historical backdrop of WWI.  Jackie’s intricate development and portrayal of the thoughts and desires of the main characters, as well as their families and loves, implant you into Jackie’s personal mindset and create a unparalleled connection with each one, which you will wish could continue beyond the very last page… just as we wish we could continue with Jackie herself.

Third Anniversary of Kiski Law!

We are rapidly approaching the close of Kiski Law’s third year!  Much has happened since August 2010.  Kiski Law’s clientele has more than doubled and we now have many more international clients (based in China, Ethiopia, Swaziland, Germany, the UK, Norway and more)!  We continue to grow at a steady pace, while keeping the same commitment to client service, cost-effectiveness and responsiveness that sets Kiski Law apart from the typical business law firm.  As we enter our 4th year, we will continue to seek new and innovative ways to meet the legal needs of our wide variety of clients!  Cheers!

Vote for Chelsea!

After much thoughtful consideration, I have decided that I will run for election as a member of the School Board in the San Mateo-Foster City School District! Yes, as an  elected public official!

My campaign will be based on my dedication to the SMFC School District over the last 4 years – and even as far back as 19 years ago when I was a substitute teacher in the district before accepting my first elementary teaching position in the South San Francisco Unified School District!  My primary goals are increased communication with the community, logical safety measures to protect our students and teachers/staff, well considered decisions about managing enrollment growth, and the provision of adequate support at all levels for the transition and implementation of the new Common Core Standards.

Having majored in Elementary Education and Psychology and having taught from 1994-1998, being an active volunteer in the SMFC School District since 2009 and an active community volunteer in many organizations, as well as being a successful professional, I feel that I will bring a unique and unparalleled perspective to discussion of the many important issues currently on the slate for consideration and decision in the next few years by the SMFC School Board.

I am excited for this new and important endeavor, and I hope that my clients as well as my friends and colleagues will support me in it – even if they do not vote in San Mateo or Foster City!

If you would like to help me toward my goal of being elected on November 5, 2013, please contact me! This is going to be a busy 7 months!!

All my best,



Heating Up

If the activity of my clients over the past few months is any indication, business activity, investments and positioning for potential acquisitions are on the rise.  While business has not returned full force, this increased activity is a welcome change!  If your business has been hibernating for the past couple of years, now is the time to revisit your corporate governance practices, to make sure that you have properly documented all of the business relationships your company has entered into, both internal (employees, executives, directors) and external (customers, clients, strategic alliances, independent contractors, business partners), and to make sure that you are paying attention to recent investment and acquisition activity, especially in your business space.  Your business and governance practices should be such that you are always in a position to consider a deal.  You should be ready on a moment’s notice to allow an investor or suitor to engage in due diligence.  If you have questions about how to make sure your company is ready for anything, I look forward to talking to you.

Starting up in 2012

The investment landscape for startups in the Silicon Valley has undergone significant evolution in the past few years.  Fledgling companies that have tried to stride into their seed round attempting to rely on the standard friends and family investments have come face to face with the struggling economy and the havoc that it has created.  Some young companies have found enough friendly seed funds to stay afloat, but they have increasingly been in need of alternative avenues for funding.  For some, this alternative could be an angel investor that is impressed and willing to give them wings through funding and/or becoming a vocal proponent of the company.  For others, they must take steps to prepare for the more structured investment of a VC fund or other pool of investors.  The angel and VC avenues for funding have also, as anyone in the Silicon Valley knows, become much more frugal and difficult to tap into, but some investors are willing to step into a company at an earlier stage than they would have years ago, so the timeline for various types of investors stepping up with funds has become increasingly blurred.  This investment market has also lead a number of experienced investors to begin to reach out to entrepreneurs to educate them on the protocols of seeking funding and they sometimes, but not always, simultaneously take on an early seed investment in the young companies in exchange for providing guidance. There are ample opportunities for startups to tap into these resources, which is good news for funding in 2012.

What a Year!

I officially began working with clients at Kiski Law one year ago today!  It was a busy year, and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful clients.  I could not have imagined a more professionally fulfilling year.  Thank you to everyone for your constant encouragement and support!  Best, Chelsea

New Silicon Valley Office

Kiski Law will be moving to a new office in Silicon Valley as of Monday, August 1, 2011.

Our new address is 303 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 600, Redwood Shores, CA 94065.

Appropriately, this was a former office location of Jackie Kessel’s HiTech Law — so the move marks a return to the past for many clients.


Navigating Success

When a business venture begins, its evolution and final outcome can not be known, and really, what fun would that be? Part of being an entrepreneur is having a great idea, setting it into motion… and then understanding the need to adjust while remaining focused on the business plan, to weather storms as they appear on the horizon, and to make decisions about the growth and evolution of the company that set the stage for the future success of the company, whether that is measured by a potential acquisition or continued growth and sustainability. My clients are at all stages of this spectrum, and I have the unique opportunity of helping them navigate through their decisions and assessing the potential legal impact of internal and external forces that influence their decisions. Over the past few months, I have assisted a number of my clients in finalizing their acquisition transactions and for many, this final stage in their venture is the jumping off point for their next venture. Other clients have been adjusting to maintain their businesses in the face of new laws, such as California affiliate tax. One thing is certain, businesses are in a state of constant and inevitable evolution and the entrepreneur behind the venture is the heart of this process.